“the Urge”

A film by Chris Angus


We discover the horrifying truth behind the natural urges of a vampire and realize he is not that different from us.

About the story

This short film is a spoof deflating the exaggerated horror behind old vampire movies.  We are lead into the suspense of expecting the vampire to leave his coffin and commit heinous crimes, only to discover that he has far more pressing things on his mind.


“The Urge” is a 2d animated short film.  The backgrounds in this film were hand drawn, and then shaded with charcoal in order to convey the ambiance of old black and white horror films.

This film is an independent production made with the assistance of the Manitoba Society of Independent Animators (MSIA), the National Film Board of Canada’s – Filmmaker’s Assistance Program, and the Manitoba Arts Council.


Direction, backgrounds, animation – Chris Angus

Sound design – Saul Henteleff

Music – Anita Labosche

Voice over – Hans Shweitzer


Festival Screenings

Freeze Frame Film Festival (March, 2004)

New York International Independent Film and Video Festival - April 25, 2005

Cannes Short Film Corner (Cannes Film Festival) – May 11-22, 2006

Dragon*Con (Short Film Festival) – Sept. 1-4, 2006

Giggleshorts International Short Film Festival – Nov. 16-19, 2006

Palouse Short Film Festival - Aug 23, 2007

New York City Downtown Film Festival - April 21-26, 2008

*honourable mention

Zompire - the Undead film festival - May 15-17, 2008

Director’s Biography

Chris began dabbling with animation in 1993 as part of the commercial arts course that he was taking at that time.  Becoming fascinated with the animator’s craft, he began attending workshops held by the Manitoba Society of Independent Animators (MSIA).  Chris received funding from MSIA in the form of space and equipment usage and set up shop in MSIA’s studios working on his first film “the Urge” when time permitted.  “The Urge” was completed in the spring of 2001.  

Chris is currently working on commercial contracts, as well as animating his second short film.  He also teaches animation, on contract at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

Director’s Filmography (selected listing)

“the Hepcat”, in production

Animated film, a work in progress as time allows.

“Excel Autobody”, 2003

  ¾ minute commercial, on contract

“the Urge”, 2001